Christmas List 2016

In the case of purchasing games from stores, don't allow them to sell you their last copy if the box is out on shelves. Also, when purchasing from Amazon, it's best to make sure the items are sold or fulfilled by Amazon.

Item Price Priority Notes
Handpresso Pop in Pink $54.99 Highest Not sold or fulfilled by Amazon, but it's a reliable company, and the price is significantly lower.  Pink color preferred.  Also cheapest.
Shure SE215 Earphones $89.00 High The '-K' designation just indicates the color.  Any color is fine.
MetroVac ED500 DataVac Electric Duster $58.99 High
AWS 1kg Digital Pocket Scale $8.37   High
Rockstar Games Collection for PlayStation 3 $49.95 High
Never Lucky Just K Black Hooded Sweatshirt $48.00 Medium Pullover style, medium size, front print, black color.  Can save 15% with the coupon code DEAL15Q4TW16.
Assassin's Creed:  The Americas Collection for PlayStation 3 $18.48 Medium
Devil May Cry HD Collection $16.25 Medium